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PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:54 am 

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I am working in a project for getting data from a Load Cell, in the project I use a very good Shield built by a very good friend, this shield has a PGA (Programable Gain Amplifier), a Fast ADC chip, and a voltage regulator (to get 5.0 +/- 0.1 V). This shield is over an Arduino Uno, and when I get a command from Serial port I start getting and printing the time and the load cell voltage data each 1 ms, and this is working pretty nice!.

The Arduino is powered by a 120 AC to 5VDC adapter (see the photo attached), this 5 VDC are elevated to ~8 VDC by a LM2587S DC-DC step up adjustable boost power supply module converter regulator(

This is because I wasn't able to get a 120 AC to 8 VDC adapter, and these 8 VDC (I need 8 volts for the 5.0 V regulator mentioned above) are plugged into the jack power conector of the Arduino Uno,

The data from the serial port goes to a USB to Serial RS232 cable converter, this use a PL2303HX chip (, and this is conected to the pc with a 3 m USB extension
The problem is that this is the second time that I heard something like an electric short and all the things conected to the Serial port is damaged, I mean the PC USB port, the Serial to USB cable Converter, the Arduino (once) and the Arduino serial port (in the other time).

Looking for what happened I opened the USB to Serial Cable and I saw something like a fingerprint of a spark (see the photos attached), and how you can see this happened in the power line. According to this I guess that this was an overvoltage or an overcurrent in the PC usb port, but the other things like mouse and keyboard didn't fail.


I was wondering if someone could help me to understand what happened, I appreciate any idea.Thanks!

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